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A.T. Hagan
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Default Government talks about Amazon antitrust issues have begun,

say investors who are already betting against the online retailer after its monumental wave of success

Wall Street titan Douglas Kass claims talks have begun in Washington about whether Amazon is in breach of monopoly laws
The online retailer has enjoyed a recent wave of success which pushed its stock price to over $1,000 and brought its most profitable day on record
Its recently-announced acquisition of WholeFoods expands its empire to bricks-and-mortar
There are fears the expansive growth across industries will raise antitrust law alarms
Bezos showed no signs of concern as he enjoyed the Sun Valley Conference for business leaders in Idaho on Thursday

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Private industry creates an innovative way to deliver better service and
cheaper product ----- government response is ''kill it'' .

All paper is a short position on gold . “Gold is money. Everything else is credit.”

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Originally Posted by Ross View Post
Private industry creates an innovative way to deliver better service and
cheaper product ----- government response is ''kill it'' .

Amazon will pay its dues (fine) to the government, much like Microsoft did in its antitrust suit and be on its merry way.

In some ways we compete directly with Amazon -especially with regards to shipping. That's the number one complaint against our company -"why can't you offer 'free' shipping, just like Amazon?" In spite of this competition I still patronize Amazon as do 99% of the people who work for us.

Yes, they're undoubtedly affecting small business and traditional brick and mortar business models but that is also due to consumer demand. Among many different selling strategies for various products and ways to bring a product to market, Amazon offers a one-stop shop from the comfort of your living room and delivery to your door and it's done inexpensively and very efficiently. Why wouldn't they be successful and how do you go about establishing a movement to get people to stop utilizing their service? The toothpaste is out of the tube.

Amazon's lobbying expenditures will ramp until this storm passes.

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Heres a neat one for you guys. Northern Canada has a huge problem with affordable groceries. I'm talking places where goods either come in once a year by barge, or are flown in. There's some federal subsidy of delivering food, but it only goes so far. Iqaluit, the capital of our Nunavut territory, is still open for Amazon Prime, meaning free shipping. So for example, a bag of 180 diapers available for $70 on store shelves up there can be bought for half of that on Amazon. Non-perishable groceries as well, in a lot of cases. There's a genuine fear from those living in Nunavut (said northern territory) that Iqaluit could soon be cut off from Amazon Prime free shipping. I'm curious what Amazon's overall profit/loss is shipping good to Iqaluit...

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amazon, antitrust, begun, government, issues, talks

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