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Personal Accounts From those who've been there: self, family, media

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The CDC is getting very adamant about early treatment of those at risk, especially pregnant women. These 2 links are new and relate specifically to the problem of Hanna72's pregnant friend so I will post them here and discussion can follow here or in new threads. See links for full text. Get this info to your friend Hannah72.


The CDC is urging doctors to give antiviral medications like Tamiflu as soon as possible to people who have flu symptoms and are severely ill or at high risk of developing complications, especially pregnant women. Doctors should not wait for lab-confirmed test results before administering these medications, she said


We really want to stress how important early treatment with antivirals is in people who are high-risk or people with severe presentations. In such patients, we don't want Docs to wait for the lab confirmations. The time it will take to get the lab tests back shouldn't be waited for. If you have a person who is severely ill or a person with risk factors like pregnancy, asthma, diabetes, children under 2, and you suspect flu, we recommend any viral medicines be given promptly. It's important for people to know if you get a rapid test result and it's negative, it says no flu, you can't really rely on that. The accuracy of the rapid tests when they show up a negative is not that good. So if you suspect flu, very important to provide those antiviral medicines quickly. We think that's really important for patients and including for pregnant women. We know often doctors and pregnant women are reluctant. If you do suspect flu, don't believe a negative rapid test, we think if you're suspecting flu, you ought to treat.
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Well my friend seems to be on the mend now, thankfully. I tried my best to get her to insist on being given antivirals, sent her lots of information but she understandably trusted her doctors who obviously can't be bothered to read the CDC website.
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I'm glad she's getting better.

We need to remember that while pregnant woman certainly are at a higher risk, most who catch this flu will recover normally & their babies will be fine. But boy if I were pregnant right now... I'd be fixated on the higher risk, not the reasoning that I'd PROBABLY be just fine. I wouldn't want my doctor taking a single chance with the health of my baby or me.
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