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Flu Discussion This subroom is intended for "soft discussion" of flu-related topics. This includes general chat, joke threads, scenarios, discussions of personal feelings, etc.

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I called all over the place last week to find a doctors office that had the h1n1 injectable vaccine for our daughter (age 19 & has asthma), I finally found a pediatricians office that had the injectable vaccine but the office is on the other side of Wash DC (an hour & a half away). I told them she is 19 years old & they said if she became a new patient then they would administer the injectable vaccine to her so off we went to the office and during rush hour, the drive is a lot longer than a mere hour and a half. Then we sat in the office for almost 2 hours, waiting to be seen and watching a parade of sick kids in the waiting room. The staff there knew there was no way my daughter was going to become a regular patient but they gave her the vaccine anyway.

Im so releived my asthmatic kid had the vaccine, she lives at Univ of Maryland which has hundreds of kids with h1n1 and the medical center for students isn't doing diddly squat about it: they aren't prescribing tamiflu, they arent' quarantining the kids that have it but they are admitting in the news that there are a lot of students with h1n1 at the university. The health center has no plans for an h1n1 vacine clinic either.
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I got my vac last Monday. If it would have had the squalene in it no way. But since its the same vaccine technology as the seasonal flu vaccine I felt it was as safe as any vaccine can be . We had 119 out of 135 of our employees get the vaccine. It helped that one of our nurses got taken out on a stretcher. A picture like that is worth a thousand words
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