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Default $100 personal fuel cell charger

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Very cool, but if you go to the Horizon Fuel Cell website, it's only the MiniPak that is $99. (The MiniPak is the part that holds the charged cell and connects to your cell phone, or ipod, or whatever it is you need to charge) The HydroFill, which is the device that charges the fuel cell, doesn't have a price yet, and is still listed as "Coming Soon" It looks like the MiniPak comes with 2 fully charged cells for the $99 price. http://www.horizonfuelcell.com/store/minipak.htm They don't list a price for the replacement cells. Hopefully the HydroFill station will be available soon, at a reasonable price.

Horizon also lists the HydroPak, which also looks very interesting, but again, no price listed, and it's "Coming Soon" http://www.horizonfuelcell.com/store/hydropak.htm That looks like a pretty interesting solution, too.

This is definitely something I'll be keeping an eye on, but I don't know if I'll run out and buy the MiniPak yet--it will depend on how much they charge for the filling station. I would also like a way to charge my laptop with it--if they can do that I would probably get one.

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$100, cell, charger, fuel, personal

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