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Default US tourists: trouble in Antarctica cruise ship

Dramatic footage has been revealed showing an Antarctic cruise ship being tossed about in rough seas after it lost an engine.
The electrical failure happened on the US-operated Clelia II amid stormy seas and 55mph winds, leading the crew to declare an emergency and radio for help.


The You tube video is taken down but you can C it here.

http://www.hs.fi/videot/113526225771...deoka ruselli

No fun with the bridge wet and cold.
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I saw that yesterday. Man, the sea was really tossing that ship around. You could see the rudders and propulsion system in the back. Not fun.
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I know my old man did that kind of bobbing on his destroyer, but I am so glad I spent my time at sea on a 39,400 ton ship. We rolled a bit, but nothing like that. The Clelia II pushes just over 4,000 tons, and is about a quarter the length of the Belleau Wood at 209ft. She is an oversized yacht, capable of 100 pax and 60 crew.

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