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Default Kerosene powered radios

Kerosene Lamp Powers Radio (Jun, 1960)
Filed under: Cool,Radio — @ 12:04 am
Source: Science And Mechanics ( More articles from this issue )
Issue: Jun, 1960
Buy on Ebay

Kerosene Radio (Jun, 1956)
Filed under: Radio,Useless Tech — @ 4:03 pm
Source: Popular Science ( More articles from this issue )
Issue: Jun, 1956
Buy on Ebay
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This deserves some looking into.
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Thermoelectric generators have been fairly well developed. They're expensive, low-power, and don't last a particularly long time.

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Hamilton Felix
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My portable mini-fridge uses a Peltier device. Give it 12 volts from the car's lighter socket, and it transfers heat from one side to the other.

I have a heat powered fan atop the wood heater. Put a thermal differential across its Peltier device, and it produces a voltage that drives the fan.

An Aladdin lamp at maximum puts out the light of a 60 watt bulb (according to company claims), but also the heat of a 750 watt heater. This seems like a pretty simple device.

Along other lines (not Peltier-Seebeck effect), I grew up with a propane powered Servel refrigerator. I understand Aladdin burners are still used in parts of Africa to power similar refrigerators.

But I'll hang onto my BayGen radio.
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kerosene, powered, radios

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