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Ought Six
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Arrow New Icelandic volcano eruption could have global impact

Katla is part of a volcanic zone that includes the Laki craters. In 1783 volcanoes in the area erupted continuously for eight months, generating so much ash, hydrogen fluoride and sulphur dioxide that it killed one in five Icelanders and half of the country's livestock.

"And it actually changed the Earth's climate," says Mr Cochran.

"Folks talk about a nuclear winter - this eruption generated enough sulphuric acid droplets that it made the atmosphere reflective, cooled the planet for an entire year or more and caused widespread famine in many places around the globe.

"One certainly hopes that Katla's eruption will not be anything like that!"
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I (and others on this board) monitor a volcano blog by an Icelander, frequented by many Icelanders, who all seem to be particularly knowledgeable about volcanoes. I guess living in a small country where there is a volcano everywhere you look compels you to develop a higher level of understanding.

They don't think much of this article by the BBC and have quite a bit to say if anyone is interested in what the locals think.


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If it is under a glacier then presumably there exists potential
for a sequence of massive steam explosions ??
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eruption, global, icelandic, impact, volcano

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