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Default Interrupted Sleep Might Be the Best Kind

Interrupted Sleep Might Be the Best Kind
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That must be why I feel so good after interrupted sleep, as opposed to a solid 7-8 hours.
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I'll have mine in one solid chunk of hours, please.

Not that I ever get that. *sigh*
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I rarely use artificial light. Go to bed at dusk most of the time, unless I stay awake till 1 a.m with a good book that I can't put down. When I do go to sleep without artifical light, I wake up around 1 or 2 and stay awake, then fall back to sleep for a second chunk of time till about 7 or whenever light appears in the windows. Last nite I came home to no electricity. And it was restored to the neighborhood around 2 a.m. I found it very restful.

I took melatonan, for a few weeks and it made no difference. Now I won't worry that it is the aging process, or a small bladder.

I'm glad to read this as what is happening is actually natural, not something to worry about.
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Speaking as someone who's had pretty much only interrupted sleep for the last three years or so.... nope, it's not.
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I thought I was the only mom whose children woke up at least once a night until they were three years old. They got past the new baby feedings quickly and would sleep for several hours, but not from bedtime until morning until they hit that magical third birthday.
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Yeah, I frequently cannot stay asleep until morning. On the weekends, sometimes I can get in another four hours later in the day. But usually, I get end up getting too little sleep and being tired all day because I do not have time for a long (or even a short) nap in the middle of the day.

My parents take a two hour nap every day from about 3-5 PM. No point in trying to call them then, because the phone is off the hook.
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interrupted, kind, sleep

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