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Default CPR for the Healthcare Provider

A little background. I am (was) a First Aid/CPR/Bloodborne Pathogens Instructor (Level A, B, C, & D - CPR/Chocking and Airway Management 1 & 2 Rescuer Adult, Child & Infant, and AED - National Safety Council) and a Self-Aid/Buddy Care Instructor for the Air Force that included all of the above. I have not taught a class in quite a while, and have not had a current cert in a while either so I decided to take a half credit course at the college entitled CPR for the Healthcare Provider. Ok, Ill admit I was not looking forward to an 8 hour class on a Saturday, but I really wanted the refresher.

Here is what I learned.
1) I am a better instructor.
2) When you remind the teacher that she missed shit, (actually both of them) they develop a dislike for you
3) I still have a gift for pissing people off (worried I was losing my touch)
4) Everybody is expected to carry EMT shears and remove clothing everytime they begin CPR. (Ok, I do carry EMT Shears at all times) I am not removing clothing unless there is an AED available, Ill let the paramedics do that
5) Apparently, when you take a class entitled CPR for the Healthcare Provider, you will be taught how to perform CPR in a sterile environment only. Although your instructors will allude to incidents outside the healthcare environment, they will only teach you to perform in a nice, clean, safe setting where numerous other trained professionals are handy. You remove clothing everytime, you pick which side of the victim you work on, you teach to take the carotid pulse on the side closest to you without explaining why you dont reach across the body, you allude to the "rescue position" without explaining what that means, you teach how (mouth over nose and mouth) and how hard to breathe into an infant only after everyone has already completed the practical app portion, and then only when the class asshole reminds you that you forgot that part, etc. etc.

Did I ace the class? Of course I did. Am I confident I can perform when needed? Yes, I have done it before. Did I learn anything? Yep, the number of compressions has increased to 30 in an Adult. Was it a good class? Nope, it was not.

The school will be hearing from me tomorrow.

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