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Ought Six
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Arrow Army tightens rules on hair, tattoos, makeup

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Chandler listed a number of examples of inappropriate tattoos he has seen in the past nine months. Every one was on a noncommissioned officer who was inked while on active duty.

While waivers allowed some people to enter with tattoos of this nature, soldiers have never been allowed to get them while on active duty.

Even worse in Chandler’s eyes is the fact that none of the soldiers he used as examples were counseled for their error.

Chandler, and many other senior leaders, said these tattoos should be removed if the soldier wants to remain on active duty.

Whether the leaders have a legal leg to stand on remains to be seen. But soldiers with these tattoos could face punitive action if a new policy is not grandfathered.

So, now we see a rush to get the tats BEFORE the regs go into effect, in hopes that they will be grandfathered in? I can only base my judgement of Army personnel on the guys from Fort Carson that I dated back in the early 70's. And that probably would have been the case.
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• Army Combat Uniforms will not be commercially pressed; only hand ironing will be authorized.

Yea, I see that happened, especially Officers.

“You chose to join the Army,” Chandler said. “The Army didn’t choose to join you.”
Sounds good but what is going to happen when soldiers throw this back in your face is the draft restarts?

“The appearance of tattoos detracts from a uniformed service,” Chandler told the Fort Jackson soldiers. “The uniformed services, we all generally look the same. Now, if you have a tattoo that draws attention to yourself, you have to ask the question, are you a person who is committed to the Army? Because the Army says you are part of the same organization. We all generally look the same. And we do not want you to stand out from the rest of the Army. Yes, we want you to set yourself apart and do great things and so on, but that does not mean tattooing yourself or doing other extreme things that draw attention to you, the individual. You are part of something larger.”
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For fucks sake some douchebag needs fuckin bullet points for his fuckin EPR. God I fuckin hated this stupid pussified fucking shit when I was in. Hey fuckstain, our job is to fucking kill people, remember? We are not exactly fucking chior boys.

(And no, I dont have a single tat - but I served with many oustanding troops that did, ones I would gladly crawl through hell with!)

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Idiotic, and the US armed forces are justifiably made fun of for the degree of inane chickenshit that is imposed just because every monkey *knows* that when another monkey goes for the banana, it's simply SOP to beat the shit out of him. This is distracting focus from what really matters. A bit of hair or a tattoo doesn't changethe quality of a soldier, but it *does* piss off the mature, independent thinkers that you want to retain. Adults and volunteers have little time for senseless bullshit. Treat your people well and they're more likely to stick it out. Jek them around with trivialities and they'llfind another line of work.
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army, hair, makeup, rules, tattoos, tightens

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