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Default Discoveries on early human culture

Discoveries on early human culture

Off course it was all or mostly invented in Europe. The basic stuff must have come from Africa but we all know it only took off in Europe.

Or so it seems.

Depends on the sources you're drawing into the argument.

Now new research shows the Early Europeans (the first Homo Sapiens to make it there, most finds from north of Italy) are older then Aurignacian culture who are know to have much more modern 'culture'.

They came a couple of thousands of years later and travelled up the Danube.

At some later point they produced a lot more cultural artifacts.

The new results suggest that the caves of the Swabian Jura document the earliest phase of the Aurignacian, and the region can be viewed as one of the key areas in which a variety of cultural innovations, including figurative art, mythical images, and musical instruments, are first documented. These dates are consistent with the Danube Valley serving as an important corridor for the movement of people and ideas (Conard, 2002; Conard and Bolus, 2003).
Quote from paper through Dienekes blog:

He himself states:

The implication is that the advanced music and art of the Aurignacian did not accompany modern humans as they made their first steps into Europe, but rather developed there.
Now the problem is that it is very hard to know about the actual advanced music since the music itself stopped & vanished. All you have are the instruments you might find.

There is a nice discussion in the comments but my favorite comment is the one DocG makes.

He provides a number of links & i'm reading through the first PDF now.

Since instruments are scarce & humans are instruments themselves a lot can be learned from singing styles. The Pygmees & Bushmen have singing styles which are very similar yet the life in different environments in isolated areas.

Their singing is advanced music. The problem with artefacts is that we don't know their exact context of use allthough we can postulate.

BTW: I know nothing of the field but in Greece's old archeologic museum you can see a set of pottery 6000 years old or so which has most basic things you see the next millenia.

Can't recall any flutes but that might be lack of interest still the archeology of music must be a hard field. The people in the OP are 34000 to 39000 years older then those pre-Greeks.
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Maybe only four thousand years old..,

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As contrasted by 42,000 years old.


...Geißenklösterle Cave in the Swabian Jura of southern Germany.

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And an intermediate find:


Chinese scholars have recovered six bone flutes dating from 8,000 to 9,000 years ago, the world's oldest complete, playable, multinote musical instruments
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