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Default Donít Use Geicoís Digital Insurance ID Card

Self-Defense Tip: Donít Use Geicoís Digital Insurance ID Card

Posted on February 27, 2013 by Robert Farago
TTAG reader Robert Bubb writes: I recently saw this Geico ad featuring the pig using his phoneís Geico App to show a police officer his digital vehicle insurance card during a stop for a broken tail-light. The handful of times Iíve been stopped the officer has taken my ID and insurance card back to his or her cruiser to enter the info into their computer. What has me concerned about using this app (or similar apps by other insurance companies): by handing your phone to a police officer youíve essentially given him or her permission to search your phone . . .

Chances are that many TTAG readers, like me, have recorded video of themselves and their shooting buddies on their smartphones. In an anti-2nd Amendment state youíd essentially be handing the officer probable cause to search you and your vehicle for your firearms. Now Iím sure that these apps are fine for their other features, but it isnít worth adding additional hassle to a traffic stop. Obey all traffic laws and keep your vehicle in proper working condition to avoid being stopped, but if you do get stopped, stick to the paper proof of insurance cards.
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Never thought about that ........... Of course only just recently upgraded to an entry level 'smart phone' which in my hands is more like a 'functionally illiterate phone' .......

However once a person handed over the cell phone to a LEO, I can see where that might open a whole 'nother can of worms.
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