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Default Killer goats ???

Billy lives matter .

Anyone been killed by a goat lately ?

Didn't think so .

Never mind , apparently they scare policemen .

"we had no choice , any animal that calm and friendly
is a threat to police overtime earnings '' .

Matt Minnick is a small farmer in Portland who is now very upset after a
Washington County Sheriff’s Office Deputy shot and killed his top breeding goat Sunday morning.

Because of the new construction by Minnick’s property, some damage was
caused to a portion of his fence that his $1,200 prized New Zealand goat
named Volt managed to escape through.

Volt was not some pit bull or rabid German Shepard — he was a goat.

RIP Volt .

Full details of the Volt assassination found here .

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If anyone reading this has been butted by a goat they would understand why the goat got the "Dirty Harry" treatment.......
over copulation cause over population
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I've been wooled around by a big goat and its pretty dang scary. I'll bet the policeman didn't have a clue about livestock much less a frightened/threatened Billy. The party responsible for damaging the fence should be paying for the owner's loss of Volt.
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When I was a kid I worked on a farm summers. They had a bunch of critters beside three different crops. A billy slipped his pen one day and scared the bejesus out of me. Tenacious as hell, he was not going to give up until he had my ass. Jumped into a horse pen because they liked me, but there was a friggin goose grazing in there with them. I'm not sure who was worse; the goose or the goat. It was at that point in my life that I decided that I wanted nothing to do with farm animals that started with a "g".
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goats, killer

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